New and updated data in Community Insight reports


Hopefully by now you are already well acquainted with the reports in Community Insight. Within the reports you will have noticed data visualisations and charts comparing your custom area to two other areas.  Since our announcement last week, where we added new Community Dynamics data into our tool, we’ve been working hard to show those indicators in our area profile reports. But we didn’t want to leave it there – so, we have also added data on housing affordability to the reports too – enjoy!

New indicators

Under the heading ‘Communities and environment: Neighbourhood Satisfaction and Local Participation’, you will be able to see the following data:

  • Local social relationships
  • Belonging
  • Satisfaction with local area as a place to live

Neighbourhood Satisfaction

On a separate page as part of the ‘Housing: How affordable is local housing?’  (released back in April) section you will be able to see

  • Housing affordability gap
  • Savings ratio
  • Total affordability ratio

How Affordable is Local Housing

Please note: data on housing affordability is not available for Community Insight Scotland

Updated data

In addition to the new data, all other data is now up-to-date within the reports.

Update your reports

To see the latest data in your reports you must generate new reports for your stock groups. To do this, simply click Request Report on the Manage Stock Groups page. For more information about the Reports in Community Insight, check out the Report section in the Knowledge Base.


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