Delete stock group categories

New functionality

We have added a new improvement to the Manage Stock Groups page. You can now delete stock group categories – hoorah!

Ci Delete stock group categories button

Using stock group categories

The categories feature is used by many users to organise stock groups. For those of you with hundreds of stock groups, this feature helps keep Community Insight manageable and organised.

We receive lots of positive feedback from you about stock group categories. Now that you are able to delete categories, we hope you’ll find them even more useful. Have a go experimenting with some new ways to use stock group categories. For example, use temporary categories for particular projects. Then when you are done, simply delete the category.

The categories and the order of the stock groups within your categories affects how your stock groups are displayed on the dashboard, the data for your areas popup and under the stock icon on the maps page. Do you have any key groups you are always using? Why not move them to a category at the top so you can always find them. 

Please note. You cannot delete categories which contain stock groups. To delete these categories you must first delete or move any stock groups within them.

Learn more 

To learn more about using categories to organise your stock groups, check out this article on our Knowledge Base: