Community Insight data updates

We have rolled out a number of major updates to the data and reports that you use in Community Insight. More than 70 indicators that have been updated or added to the Insight Map and reports. Here is an overview of the main updates that have been added to Community Insight, if you have any queries related to these updates; please get in touch.

Updated Datasets:
– A big one to kick off with – you can now see the latest population figures (2013 Mid Year Estimates) on Community Insight. There are also new breakdowns available, allowing you to see population by 5 year age bands. You’ll be pleased to know that all percentage figures on the site have been re-calculated to take into account latest population figures.
– The most up to date unemployment and benefits data uploaded on to the map and in reports. Updated datasets include:
• Unemployment benefit (covering time point October 2014)
• Youth unemployment (October 2014)
• Older people social care benefit (October 2014)
• Workless through sickness benefit (May 2014)
• Pensioners in poverty (May 2014)
• Working age welfare benefit claimants (May 2014)
• Housing benefit (August 2014)
– Updated data sets for child poverty (2012 data now available) and population density (2013 data now available).

New Datasets:
– 18 ethnicity breakdowns now available on maps
– Data on household language added to map data
– New datasets for children providing unpaid care and older people with a limiting long-term illness added to map and reports.
– New ONS Area Classifications, based on 2011 census have been added to maps and reports. The can be found under the ‘Communities and Environment’ theme.

New data in reports:
– New indicators and updates to existing indicators now showing in reports. New indicators for the reports include:
• Ethnicity and country of birth with detailed group breakdowns
• Households with multiple ethnic groups
• Household language
• People with a UK passport
• Communal establishments by age of residents.

Improvements to metadata:
– We have added extra information to the date fields on the ‘more detail’ pop up for each indicator. The date fields now cover ‘Date published’, ‘Date to which data refers’ and ‘Expected next publication date.’

Improvements to reports:
– There are a number of changes and tidies to charts layouts and styles, to ensure they are standardly aligned to make it easier to identify which title refers to which charts, as well as changes to labelling of axes to make the charts easier to read. We have also changed the layouts of the tables and charts so they fit on the page better.
– Sources and dates are now included directly adjacent to charts and tables.